Welcome to Marrakesh, Philadelphia’s award winning beacon of fine Moroccan cuisine.   The exotic aromas and delectable flavors of our entrees have won the hearts and pallets of more than just our local guests.  We’re proud to have also recently gained rave reviews from Google, Yahoo, Igougo and Travelocity: all in agreement that Marrakesh
is one of Philadelphia’s best Moroccan themed restaurants. 

With over 33 years of experience, Marrakesh exists as a labor of love; both family owned and operated.  Still in its original location since opening (South Street, between 4th & 5th), Marrakesh welcomes everyone to their beautiful North African Oasis within the city of brotherly love.

Rug covered banquets, vibrantly colored pillows, incense scented rooms and dimly lit ambience help to set the stage for an authentic feast with all mystical allure and spirit of Morocco.  Choose from such authentic favorites as lamb with chick peas and onions; layered chicken pie, spicy chicken in cumin sauce, beef shish kebab, Moroccan pastries and more.


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